Category: Connecting with your teens

Kristen Duke

How to Relieve Stress

Helping our teens know how to relieve stress is an important discussion in parenting. Tools such as a stress chart can help identify emotions.

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Connecting with your teens
Kristen Duke

We Were All Teenagers Once

Yes, raising teens can be gut wrenching, isolating, stressful, even overwhelming at times. But if we simply brace for impact during the teen years it will be very scary for all of us! We will miss out on gems if we are just watching for the problems. Self-fulfilling prophecy again! 

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Conversation Cards

Looking for some conversation topics for your family dinners? Print these conversation cards and get the chatter started!

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Build loving connection with your teens

10 unique ways for parents and teens to build a closer relationship

Your Intentional Connection Playbook
For parents who value connection over control
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