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Get your teen to come to YOU with their ups and downs

Even if you currently feel lost trying to parent them

A step-by-step approach to building a relationship of trust with your teen including:
Videos, action steps, weekly live calls, and more

There are lots of places kids can go when they have strong emotions:

The results they get depend on who they choose

I can teach you how to get them
to choose YOU

Your Kids Will Come To YOU When They Trust YOU​

Parents often rack their brains trying to figure out
how to get their teen to talk to them, and I’ve got the answer.

They have to trust you.

Google has all sorts of ideas on how to get your teens to trust you,
but I've created a step by step system



A place for parents who believe in their teen's goodness enough to refuse to just endure the teen years

Your Team TRUSTED Membership Includes:

Instructional Videos

Each 5-8 min video teaches a simple concept for increasing trust between you and your teen that you can start applying immediately. Transcripts are included as well!

Action steps

In order to help you apply what you learn each day you'll get a short list of "action step" each week you can use to start practicing right away.

Say this not that

Sometimes all you need is what to say INSTEAD of what automatically comes to mind. I've got your back with a list of "say this not that" statements for each lesson.

Ask Kristen

Inside the membership is an easy way to submit questions to me as you hit roadblocks. These are searchable, filterable and can be a place where you can collaborate with other moms in addition to me.

Live coaching

Each week, we will dive deep into one of the 30 ways to be come trusted on a live Zoom call. These will include open Q&As and Hot Seats.

Additionally, you'll have complimentary access to my monthly workshops ($25 eac)

Free Stuff!

I'm serious about helping you actually USE this program so you can gain your teen's trust. You'll earn points for logging in, sharing a parenting WIN with me, completing your homework an more. "Spend" your points on my other products AND 1-on-1 time with me!

Hi, I'm Kristen!

You can become your teen's (and pre-teen's) trusted go-to, and I'd love to show you how!

I believe getting your teens to trust you is simpler that you think

Teens can be so fun! They are creative and resilient and crave connection with those they trust.

I know that it doesn't feel simple to you right now

I've worked with hundreds of parents who feel stuck and I know you aren't alone

I want your teens to trust you with their most important thoughts

Teens think about all sorts of stuff and if they let you into that world, you can better guide them

Join Team Trusted for just $1

$1 for 5 days, then $49/ mo

Bonus: POINTS!

I’m so serious about helping you actually USE this program so you can gain your teen’s trust, that I’m going to “pay” you to do it! 

You’ll earn points for logging in, sharing a parenting WIN with me, finishing a video, completing your homework and more. 

You can then “spend” your points to purchase my other products AND 1-on-1 time with me!


While the teen years are often where trust issues start to surface, they aren’t the only time you can work on building trust.  Team Trusted is an excellent foundation for parents of kids ages 10 and up, to prepare and get a head start on the teen years.

The foundation of the Team is a program identifying parenting blind spots that is NOT LIVE. However, in addition, we will have weekly LIVE calls that will be on Zoom. 

Inside the private website is a place to ask any anonymous question, and see what others have asked in the past.

All the Zoom calls will be recorded and uploaded to the membership site where you can access them anytime.

You can also pre-submit questions via a form in the membership site so you can get your questions answered even if you cannot attend live.

Yes!  I know things come up and life happens.

However, once you cancel, you will lose access to the content at the end of the current period. 

For example, if you pay on January 23rd and Feb 23rd, but then cancel on March 1st, you will have access thru March 22nd.  On March 23rd, you will lose access to the entire membership.

So make sure that you have watched any content that is important to you before you lose access.