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Build deep connection with your
teens and tweens

The Unconditional Connection Courss

Surprising Concepts



Silent Connection

Teen drama and
fractured relationships have you
discouraged and heartsick

(or you are afraid of this happening as your preteens get older)

You love them unconditionally, but just don't feel connected.

You can be the person your teen turns to in times of struggle and confusion

This isn't just about fun activities or lofty ideas - it's actionable ideas that build lasting connected relationships

You Can:

Get rid of shaming and resentment

See connection in a completely new light

Heal (or prevent) fractured relationships


The Unconditional Connection Course

Redefining Unconditional Love With Your teens and preteens

The Unconditional Connection Course has 4 Pillars:

Connect through activities

Family and 1-on-1 activities, rituals and traditions are built-in stress buffers

2: Connect through support

We support our teens and preteens as we show them we care about how they feel

3: Connect through silence

No talking, no asking questions, no judgement. Is it possible? Yep - it's actually essential

4: Connect through conversation

we'll spend some extra time here. There is a lot of misunderstanding about communicating with our kids in a way that connects us.

The Unconditional Connection Course Includes:

7 Videos

Learn about what connection is and what it isn't. Study connecting through activities, support, silence, and conversation.

Printable slides

Print a copy of all my slides including quotes, stats and more. Use them to take notes and put what you learn in the videos into action

Hi, I'm Kristen!

You can have a connected relationship with your kids as
you look inside yourself and make powerful changes

I believe deep connection with your teens is possible

Teens can be so fun! They are creative and resilient and crave connection with those they trust.

I know it doesn't feel easy

You feel like you are doing all you can to love them unconditionally but you just don't feel connected

I want to change that for you

My 4 pillars for connection: activities, support, silence and conversations will make connection with you teen a reality for you.

This isn't just a list of fun activities you can try

This is a whole new way of looking at connection and unconditional love

Fun activities

The Unconditional Connection Course

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The Unconditional Connection Course

Re-defining unconditional love for your teens
$ 99
  • 7 videos (2 hours total)
  • Printable pdf slides

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A beautiful printable pdf poster to remind you of what you’ve learned:

Other moms have done it, so can you!

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Enroll in The Unconditional Connection Course Before your preteens are teens or your teens are adults.