Welcome to the community where we chat all about things pertaining to positively parenting teens. Whether you are in the trenches with raising teenagers now, or hanging with toddlers preparing for that day, I hope you’ll jump in and join us so that we can all be strengthened together. I do feel strongly that mentally preparing in advance is a big key to success, so don’t turn away if you’ve got littles! May we all be armed with resources and information, and hopefully feeling less fearful of raising teens.

Each week on my Instagram @KristenDukeChats we discuss a new topic pertaining to parenting teens, and I invite the community to join in and share their thoughts on the hot topic discussion of the day.  I then pull it all together and write a blog post which I will publish here, and send it out in the newsletter over the weekend, so make sure you are following along in both places!

I’ve got a parenting podcast called Beyond Good Intentions where I interview someone on the topic of the week, and a corresponding podcast for teens called Fist Bump where I aim to share encouragement for my teen friends.  

I’ve currently got 3 teens myself, (and a 10ager) and the best way I know how to be a more intentional parent is to ask the community for ideas, just like I did back when my kids were toddlers at the weekly play dates at the park. 

If you want to see random tidbits of my life, follow along on Instagram stories, including but not limited to:

  • my messy house
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  • polling my teens

I would LOVE to hear about you. Connecting with friends out in the community has been my favorite part of being a blogger for nearly 10 years, so please tell me about yourself, your family, where you live, and what you look forward to and are most afraid about raising teens to adults.

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