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Raise Friends For Life

The Squash Sibling Rivalry Course

9 videos and a workbook

Sibling Rivalry can become a real monster

You aren't alone if you are losing your sanity
because your kids can't be in the same room together without supervision

Every parent wonders at some point if their dreams of family harmony and cooperation are nothing but a fantasy.  They also wonder if they are the only one who feels that way. 
But the truth is many parents find sibling rivalry to be one of the most challenging struggles of parenting. 

I want explode the myth that you must sit passively by while sibling rivalry runs rampant!

You can plant the seeds of life-long sibling bonds

and empower your kids to see each other as allies instead of enemies

Is is possible to

Show your kids the joys of quality relationships

Encourage cooperation while reducing competition

Improve their ability to handle conflict in respectful ways


The Squash Sibling Rivalry eCourse

How to raise friends for life

The Squash Sibling Rivalry eCourse

covers 7 powerful concepts:

#1: Parenting Blind Spots

You'll start with yourself by discovering blind spots (aka things you don't know you don't know) that may keep you from seeing success with everything else you'll be learning in the course.

#2: Self correction

Learn the 2-word phrase that will empower your children to master the skill of self-correction over time.

#3: Conflict Resolution

Learn how to guide your kids through conflict by becoming a mediator instead of an arbitrator.

#4: Stop should-ing on your kids

Learn what to say instead of "you shouldn't", "you must", "you need", and other similar phrases.

#5: Connection

One of the most important things you can do to minimize rivalry is to increase connection. Use this lesson to brainstorm how to do exactly that.

#6: Teamwork

Thinking of your family as a team allows you to honor differences and use everyone's talents. Learn how to create a family song, t-shirts, team parties and more.

#7: One-on-one

Practice makes progress. Learn how to incentivize your kids to "practice" spending quality 1-on-1 time together in healthy ways.

Hi, I'm Kristen!

You can squash sibling rivalry, save your sanity and
help your children live well together

I believe win-win solutions for sibling rivalry are totally possible

Teens can be so fun! They are creative and resilient and crave connection with those they trust.

I know that sibling rivalry is a challenging parenting struggle

I have 4 kids so I know just how heartbreaking it can be when your kids view each other as enemies, and not allies.

I want your kids to be friends for life

My kids are now teens or adults and I'm enjoying their happy, connected relationships. I want the same for you!

This isn't just a list of dos and don'ts

This is a a course full of practical tools for healing & strengthening sibling relationships

Dos & Don'ts

Squash Sibling Rivalry

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Squash Sibling Rivalry

Raise friends for life
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