Conversation Cards

Looking for some conversation topics for your family dinners?  Print these conversation cards and get the chatter started!

Family Dinner

Family dinner time is very sacred to me. It’s a time each day when I get to sit across the table from my favorite people. It’s so important to me, that we’ve intentionally built our family schedules around 6pm dinner time for years. We’ve had some activities before and some after, but not during that hour.

Once we sit down for family dinner, we have different ways of communicating. We used to do an activity called: Rose, Bud, and Thorn. It’s where you share something good about your day (rose), something you’re looking forward to tomorrow (bud) and something not so great (thorn).

It’s a great way to talk about a lot of different things, and we go around the table and everyone contributes.

Family Conversation Starters

I pulled together a bunch of different ideas to make these table dinner conversation cards. You can print and laminate, and keep them in a box or pile near your dinner table and pull them out each night. Generally just one a night to get the conversation flowing.

Get your cards here!

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